Administrative Services

Strategic planning, service development, day to day operational guidance, public awareness and hospital/ individual support-supplies.

The 1 World Foundation’s contingent of Chief Executive Officers of service providers in the US and Canada are available for on site interventions as well as hosting remote and or consults in Canada or the US. Working with the requesting governmental, private, civic and or religious requesting organization and The 1 World Executives have and continue to provide a wide range of administrative services including but not limited to:

  • The development, implementation and monitoring of strategic management plans that identify needs and present options to address the many challenges of persons with special needs within the resources available.
  • The creation of residential, day, family and individualized services to meet the identified prioritized identified needs, within resources available.
  • Maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of operational service delivery system from the human resource, fiscal, capital and consumer satisfaction perspectives.
  • Development, production, implementation and updating of public awareness print radio, television and web based, campaigns to sensitise the general population about persons with special needs.
  • Through the considerable network of human services and health care professional and personal contacts, the 1 World foundation has access to a wide range of health care equipment, supplies and durable goods. Working closely with the requesting organization and or government, the materials needed may be acquired, ship and deployed to the service provider and or directly to the individuals in need.